The 4-in-1 platform that speeds up your payments
Discover the solution that helps more than 1700 companies accelerate their collections. Send, Remind, Pay and Collect invoices, all in one place. RGPD compliant.
Widr Pay has made it possible to speed up our settlements and make it easy to pay our contractors with due diligence. Highly recommended.
Arnaud Touati
Startup attorney
Financial teams trust us
From Billing to Collection
Six challenges. One solution.
  • Bill at the right time
    Based on +20 unique criteria, our AI determines when you need to bill a customer. Facilitate follow-up by automating your reminders until payment is received.
    Diversify your plans
    Offer pre-authorized debits to secure payments in installments or work on a subscription basis.
    Your payment link
    Accept paAccept payments on your payment page, in your name, with your logo and graphics.ayments on your firm's payment page, with your name, logo and graphic design.
    Integrations with your tools
    Easily add Widr Pay to your software, thanks to our integrations with SAP, Sage, zLawyer... and over 35 business applications.
    Smart Reminders
    Are you stressed about calling an invoice? Not if it comes from your organization, at the right time and on a regular basis.
    Collection in 20 days
    Put an end to your small unpaid bills in only 20 days with +50% of success thanks to an amicable bailiff collection.
    average payment time
    7 out of 10 invoices are paid the same day they are sent.
    amicable collection in 20 days
    Bailiff + AI + simple payment = high performance.
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4.7/5 on Google Reviews & TrustPilot
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    Arnaud Touati
    Startup attorney
    Widr Pay has made it possible to speed up our settlements and make it easy to pay our contractors with due diligence. Highly recommended.
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    David Smadja
    Founder of DJS AVOCATS law firm
    Finally a simple payment solution adapted for lawyers. Our clients are delighted! I recommend it!
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    Linda FARES
    My first bill was paid in less than 5 minutes! It’s easy to use for the lawyer and the client, several payment methods are offered, and above all it’s ...
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    Olfa B’chir
    Lawyer at the Paris Bar based in Los Angeles
    Easy to use and practical. Perfect tool and I recommend it to all my colleagues.
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    Pierre Callède
    Founding Lawyer Constellation
    Invoices are sent instantly and tracked until payment, a key advantage for treasury management.
  • avatar
    Camille Heinimann
    Bailiff at Maître Camille Heinimann law office
    As a bailiff, I use Widr to offer online payments to the firm’s debtors and creditors. Many asked to pay by credit card and I was not equipped because ...
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